LED downlights are very popular at both residential and commercial lighting applications. Compared with traditional halogen and fluorescent downlights, they are very energy efficient and last much longer.

JT LIGHTING supply a large range of high quality LED downlights for domestic and commercial use.

Hotel LED Downlights

These downlights are perfect for hotels and high-end houses. IP54 or IP44 rated, they are also suitable for bathroom use.

Fire Rated LED Downlights

Fire Rated LED downligths are recessed downlights that seal off the ceiling cutout hole thus slow down the spread of fire in the event of a fire. They are very popular in the UK because the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) recommends that fire rated downlights should be used in all buildings, especially on the wooden ceilings.
Our fire rated LED downlights are 30,60 and 90 minutes fire rated, meeting UK building regulations (BS476-part 21).

Slim Trim and Trimless LED Downlights

These LED downlights feature minimal trim or trimless edge. They are great for high-end residential and commercial buildings.

Scoop LED Downlights

Scoop LED Downlights feature swivel or rotatable head. They can tilt or adjust at large angle up to 60 degrees. They are mainly used for wall washing. Great for retail and commercial lighting.

SMD LED Downlights

These downlights incorporate SMD LED chips as light source. With frosted or opal plastic diffusers, they deliver 90 to 120 degrees wide beam angle of light. Suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Low Profile LED Downlights

Low Profile LED Downlights feature low/shallow depth. They do not require much space at the back for installation.

Commercial LED Downlights

Commercial LED Downlights are compratively more powerful. They are mainly used for commercial lighting applications.

Grille LED Downlights

Grille Dowlights are suitable retail and commercial lighting applications such as retail stores, shops and supermarkets, etc.

Surface Mounted LED Downlights