Slimline LED Downlights

SLIM series LED Recessed Downlights feature low profile(shallow depth) design. Available in round and square, single and twin version. Trimmed and trimless version. Great for residential houses, offices, hotels, bars and restaurants, etc.

  • Stylish and elegant design
  • 5 years warranty
  • Aluminium construction, sturdy and robust
  • Use CREE/CITIZEN/OSRAM LED as light source
  • Available in warm white, neutral white and cool white
  • 90+ Ra CRI (80+ Ra optional)
  • Narrow spot and flood beam angle options
  • Supplied without or with LED drivers
  • Dimmable (Triac/0-10V/Dali dimming options)
  • Available in matt white and black finish, custom finish available
  • IP54 rated, suitable for bathroom use
Model No.DescriptionWattageBeam AngleRimCutoutIP
DL3041Low Profile LED Fixed Downlight10W24º/36º/45ºØ92mmØ83mmIP54
DL3042Low Profile Square LED Fixed Downlight10W24º/36º/45º92x92mm83x83mmIP54
DL3043Low Profile LED Double Downlight2x10W24º/36º/45º170x92mm160x83mmIP54
DL3090Low Profile Gimbal LED Downlight8W24º/36º/60ºØ93mmØ83mmIP21
DL3163Trimless Square Gimbal LED Downlight8W24º/36º/60º103*103mm105*105mmIP21
DL3165Trimless Twin Square Gimbal LED Downlight2*8W24º/36º/60º188*103mm190*105mmIP21
DL3166Square Gimbal LED Downlight8W24º/36º/60º111*111mm100*100mmIP21
DL3167Twin Square Gimbal LED Downlight2*8W24º/36º/60º194*111mm185*100mmIP21
DL3202Deep Gimbal LED Downlight8W24º/36º/60ºØ92mmØ83mmIP21
DL3336Low Profile Trimless LED Adjustable Downlight9W24º/38º/60ºØ86mmØ100mmIP21
DL3580Low Profile 7W LED Adjustable Downlight7W45ºØ100mmØ83-90mmIP54
DL3347100mm Square LED Gimbal Downlight8W24º/36º/45º100x100mm75x75mmIP54
DL341692mm LED Gimbal Downlight10W24º/36º/60ºØ92mmØ75-83mmIP54
DL353195mm 7W Slim LED Gimbal Downlight7W24º/36º/60ºØ95mmØ73-83mmIP44

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