Miniature LED Downlights

Miniature or Mini LED downlights are small LED spotlights or downlight fittings that can fit into spaces where conventional light fittings cannot fit. They are suitable for both commercial and residential projects. Great for display lighting and general lighting in cabinets, cupboards, bookcases or soffits, furniture, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, corridors, lifts and so on.

JT Lighting offer a large range of stylish mini LED downlights. Constructed from Aluminium. Available in white and black finish. All comes with 5 years warranty.

  • Stylish and elegant design
  • 5 years warranty
  • Aluminium construction, sturdy and robust
  • Use CREE/CITIZEN/OSRAM LED as light source
  • Available in warm white, neutral white and cool white
  • 90+ Ra CRI (80+ Ra optional)
  • Narrow spot and flood beam angle options
  • Supplied without or with LED drivers
  • Dimmable (Triac/0-10V/Dali dimming options)
  • Available in matt white and black finish, custom finish available
  • IP54 rated, suitable for bathroom use
Model No. Description Wattage Beam Angle Rim Dia Cutout IP
DL3103 Mini Wall washer LED Downlight 5W 24º/40º Ø60mm Ø52mm IP54
DL3249 Mini Adjustable LED Downlight with Mirror Reflector 6W 15º/30º/38º Ø57.5mm Ø50mm IP21
DL3291 Mini Washer LED Downlight with Mirror Reflector 7W 15º/24º/40º Ø34mm Ø28mm IP54
DL3292 Mini LED Fixed Downlight with Mirror Reflector 6W 12º/38º Ø34mm Ø28mm IP21
DL3294 Deep Recessed Mini LED Downlight 5W 15º/24º/36º Ø45mm Ø38mm IP54
DL3296 Mini Adjustable Keyhole LED Downlight 5W 15º/24º/36º Ø51mm Ø47mm IP21
DL3297 Mini Baffle LED Downlight 5W 15º/24º/36º Ø45mm Ø38mm IP54
DL3298 Semi Recessed Mini LED Downlight 5W 15º/24º/36º Ø45mm Ø38mm IP54
DL3325 Mini Baffle LED Recessed Downlight 3W 15º/24º/36º Ø40mm Ø35mm IP54
DL3356 Trimless Deep Mini LED Downlight 8W 15º/30º/40º Ø30mm Ø50mm IP21
DL3358 Mini LED Adjustable Baffle Downlight 4W 15º/24º/36º Ø46mm Ø40mm IP54
DL3372 Trimless Deep Mini LED Downlight 10W 18º/24º/36º Ø40mm Ø50mm IP54
DL3422 Mini Pinhole LED Downlight 8W 15º/24º/36º Ø48mm Ø40mm IP54
DL3437 Mini Deep LED Recessed Downlight 8W 15º/24º/36º Ø40mm Ø35mm IP54
DL3438 Mini Deep LED Fixed Downlight 10W 15º/24º/36º Ø50mm Ø45mm IP54
DL3439 Mini Deep LED Adjustable Downlight 8W 15º/24º/36º Ø55mm Ø50mm IP54
DL3444 5W Mini Cube LED Downlight 5W 24º/36º/60º 64*64 55*55mm IP21
DL3445 10W Mini Cube LED Double Downlight 2*5W 24º/36º/60º 103*64 94*55mm IP21
DL3446 15W Mini Cube LED Triple Downlight 3*5W 24º/36º/60º 142*64 133*55mm IP21

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