Trimless LED Downlights

Plaster in Trimless LED downlights feature the design of no trim, bezel or flange. They create the feeling that the downlights are in the ceiling. We offer a large of range of trimless LED downlights. Great for residential houses, hotels, bars and restaurants, etc.

  • Stylish and elegant design
  • 5 years warranty
  • Aluminium construction, sturdy and robust
  • Use CREE/CITIZEN LED as light source
  • Available in warm white, neutral white and cool white
  • 90+ Ra CRI (80+ Ra optional)
  • Narrow spot and flood beam angle options
  • Honeycomb/prismatic diffuser optional on some fittings
  • Supplied without or with LED drivers
  • Dimmable (Triac/0-10V/Dali dimming options)
  • Available in matt white and black finish, custom finish available
  • IP54 rated, suitable for bathroom use
Model Description Wattage Beam Angle Rim Size Cutout IP
DL3108 Trimless LED Grille Downlight 10W 24º/36º/60º 109*104mm 113*105mm IP21
DL3115 Trimless LED Twin Downlight 2*10W 24º/36º/60º 199*109mm 201*113mm IP21
DL3163 Trimless Square Gimbal LED Downlight 8W 24º/36º/60º 103*103mm 105*105mm IP21
DL3165 Trimless Twin Square Gimbal LED Downlight 2*8W 24º/36º/60º 188*103mm 190*105mm IP21
DL3197 Trimless Multi Reflector LED Downlight 13W 15º/24º/36º Ø84mm Ø85mm IP54
DL3198 Trimless Universal Tilt LED Downlight 20W 15º/24º/36º Ø120mm Ø130mm IP54
DL3207 Trimless Square Cave LED Fixed Downlight 8W 15º/24º/36º 70*70mm 73*73mm IP54
DL3208 Trimless Twin Cave LED Fixed Downlight 2*8W 15º/24º/36º 134*70mm 137*73mm IP54
DL3212 Trimless Square Adjustable Cave LED Downlight 8W 15º/24º/36º 70*70mm 74*74mm IP54
DL3214 Trimless Round Cave LED Fixed Downlight 8W 15º/24º/36º Ø70mm Ø73mm IP54
DL3281 Trimless Deep LED Fixed Downlight 10W 24º/36º/60º Ø66mm Ø72mm IP54
DL3282 Trimless Deep LED Adjustable Downlight 10W 24º/36º/60º Ø82mm Ø90mm IP54
DL3336 Low Profile Trimless LED Adjustable Downlight 9W 24º/38º/60º Ø86mm Ø100mm IP21
DL3356 30mm 8W Trimless Mini Deep LED Downlight 8W 15º/30º/40º Ø30mm Ø50mm IP21
DL3372 Trimless Deep Mini LED Downlight 10W 18º/24º/36º Ø40mm Ø50mm IP54

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