LED Pendant Lights

JT Lighting offer a large range of LED pendant lights. Available in white and black finish. Great for architectural, domestic and commercial projects.


ModelDescriptionWattageBeam AngleLumenCRIIPSize
PL002825mm Slim Tubular LED Pendant Light4W15º/38º300lmRa90IP21Ø25x750mm
PL300525mm LED Pendant Light10W24º/36º/45º650lmRa90IP21Ø70x140mm
PL300645mm LED Slim Tubular Pendant Light5WFlood250lmRa90IP21Ø45x700mm
PL300745mm LED Slim Tubular Pendant Light5W15º/24º/38º250lmRa90IP21Ø45x700mm
PL3023Triangle Glass LED Pendant Light7WFlood400lmRa90IP21Ø120x185mm
PL3024Globe Glass LED Pendant Light7WFlood400lmRa90IP21Ø100x160mm
PL3025Tube Glass LED Pendant Light7WFlood400lmRa90IP21Ø50x260mm
PL302675mm Up & Down LED Pendant Light5W/9W15º/24º/38º970lmRa90IP21Ø75x130mm
PL3030Commercial LED Pendant Light35W24º/36º/60º2950lmRa90IP21Ø420x250mm

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